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Jun 21, 2021

Today is dadAWESOME Day... It's a decision day and a declaration day that this coming year is going to include movement toward becoming more dadAWESOME for my kids. It's the first day of the dad year and we're offering four options for adding specific intentionality to your dad life. This video ( outlines the 4 dadAWESOME Day Challenges and we are praying that you step into this year saying YES to becoming dadAWESOME.


JOIN the dadAWESOME Day Challenge by texting one of these four keywords to (651) 370-8618


1) I am LOVED - text the word "loved" to (651) 370-8618


2) I am INTENTIONAL - text the word "intentional" to (651) 370-8618


3) I am FREE - text the word "free" to (651) 370-8618


4) I ENJOY my kids - text the word "enjoy" to (651) 370-8618




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--- Download the 2-page Mission/Vision/Invitation Overview for dadAWESOME: