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Nov 24, 2018

Drew Shepp joins dadAWESOME to discuss 10 action steps to move past good intentions to intentional living. This is part 4 of the November 2018 4-part Inside-Out Dad Life series.

“Good intentions will never take you anywhere you want to go. Only intentional living will get you the things you want in life.” -John C....

Nov 18, 2018

Tyler Sevlie joins dadAWESOME to discuss the monthly Inside-Out Dad Life theme through the book "Spiritual Slavery to Sonship".

Find Security, Freedom, and Acceptance by Resting in the Father’s Love
People are always looking for identity and acceptance. Sadly, the search often leads to wrong places, wrong people, and...

Nov 11, 2018

Join Matt Keller for Part 2 as he dives deeper into Inside-Out Dad Life and inspires us to lead and parent from a full and vibrant heart.

  • Are there past pains or labels that you find yourself carrying into your parenting?
  • What excuses are disqualifying your ability to lead your family?
  • What are you afraid of and how...

Nov 4, 2018

What relationships are you fostering around your family?

Do other men have enough access to your parenting to encourage or challenge you?

What prayers are you constantly praying over your kids?

Join Matt Keller as he inspires dads to lead and parent from a full and vibrant heart.

In this interview:

  • Leading from a full...