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Aug 31, 2023

For Roger Thompson, discipling other men is life-giving. Between his father’s salvation story and his own childhood, Roger has experienced the empowering nature of brotherhood firsthand. In the first part of this conversation, he highlights the role of endurance and fortitude to encourage you in your fatherhood...

Aug 24, 2023

In the second part of this campfire conversation, Jeff, Joe, Tyler, and Dago discuss fatherhood models, top resource recommendations, and advice for rookie dads. They conclude with powerful intercessory prayer for other fathers in the DadAwesome community. 


Key Takeaways


  • Learn how to learn from the wisdom of...

Aug 17, 2023

In this conversation, four fathers sit around a campfire to discuss all things fatherhood. You’ll be inspired and equipped to live out your family values, lead by example, and engage in significant spiritual conversations within your brotherhood. 


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Key Takeaways


  • Identify...

Aug 10, 2023

Jeff Zaugg steps behind the microphone in this episode to share his personal fatherhood journey and how he adds adventure and intentionality to the dad life. Interviewed by Dr. Michelle Canfield Watson, Jeff shares powerful encouragement and insights for fathers in any stage of parenting. 


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Aug 3, 2023

As a father of seven, Moses Ehambe’s passion and energy is remarkable. His message will inspire and equip you to elevate every area of your life by pursuing excellence and finding a brotherhood that will support you. 


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Key Takeaways


  • You need an Aaron and a Hur to hold up...