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Mar 28, 2024

Michael Warren is passionate about equipping fathers and mentors to guide young boys into manhood. His goal is to facilitate adventure moments that give sons an answer to the question, “When did I become a man?” In part one of this conversation, Michael describes how dads can define and model the timeless principles of manhood to their kids. 



Key Takeaways


  • Fathers must communicate a clear definition of manhood. 
  • Middle school is a strategic time to start calling boys up and out of the home—away from distractions like video games—and into learning led by dad. 
  • A REAL man Rejects passivity, Expects God’s greater rewards, Accepts responsibility, and Leads courageously. 
  • REAL men have a work to do, a will to obey, a woman to love, and a world to serve.


Michael Warren


Michael Warren is a dad of four who is passionate about equipping fathers to lead their sons into REAL masculinity. He lives in Anchorage, Alaska, where he facilitates the Alaska Knights program at ChangePoint.


Key Quotes


  • 17:38 - "The longevity that we've enjoyed has been tied to the fact that it's really transforming men's hearts and their families and the definition of manhood and the context that we teach, where that definition plays out are really transferable and in every season."
  • 20:54 - "A real man, R-E-A-L, R, rejects passivity. A man rejects passivity. E, expects God's greater reward. A, accepts responsibility, and L, leads courageously. So, rejects passivity, expects God's greater reward, accepts responsibility, leads courageously. Expect God's greater reward, what does that mean? Well, that means delayed gratification. That is a principle that every man needs to entertain and think about. I'm going to make sacrifice now, but I know what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I've got energy, I've got time, I have my purity. I have these things that are God given that once I spend them, I don't get them back. Those are the main principles, this R-E-A-L. What's important to mention is that we call them the four W's. The four W's are the contexts where you can directly apply the R-E-A-L. So the four W's arem a man has a work to do, a will to obey, a woman to love and a world to serve."


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