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Dec 28, 2023

As a rookie dad, Taylor Doolittle has endless encouragement for other dads in his shoes. In this episode, he emphasizes the value of running after God, pursuing your wife, and enjoying every season with your kids. His vivid analogies will inspire you to make intentional choices as a husband, father, and friend to create the life you want to live. 



Key Takeaways


  • Every season with your kids is fleeting, so be gracious with yourself. 
  • Passionately running after Jesus and pursuing your wife will leave a lasting impact on your kids. 
  • Combine multiple activities—such as working out and being with friends—with intentional multitasking that keeps you whole and healthy without taking up too much time. 
  • However difficult you think this is for you as a dad, it’s a thousand times harder for your wife, so suck it up, buttercup.
  • Your daily decisions are single bricks that create the foundation for your life and family.


Taylor Doolittle


Taylor Doolittle is a passionate realtor in the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. He and his wife, Sarah, have two daughters. 


Key Quotes


  • 16:16 - "What I should have been focused on and what I still need to be focused on is my relationship with the Lord. That's absolutely number one, because you're not going to be a good leader for your family unless you are modeling yourself after the greatest leader. So that's number one. Number two, is absolutely pursuing your wife with as much passion as you can."
  • 26:51 - "Not putting pressure on yourself and just realizing that, as a parent, it's less about what you teach and it's more about what you model to your kids. So, pursuing your relationship with the Lord and passionately loving your wife are the two things that you got to do that are going to make a lasting impact on your kids, whether you believe it or not."
  • 35:15 - "Serve your wife, humble yourself, and don't place any expectations on your kids unless they're holy expectations."


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