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Dec 21, 2023

After spending 13 years climbing the corporate ladder, Kyle Depiesse was burnt out and knew he needed a change. He certainly didn’t have everything figured out, but he took a single step that the Lord used to guide him towards bigger and better experiences than he could have imagined. In this episode, Kyle shares the stories and advice that shaped his life—and his adventurous parenting style. 



Key Takeaways


  • Take one step toward your goals and trust that God will bless your obedience and continue to direct you. 
  • Slow down the fast pace of life with a simple question: “How am I experiencing God right now?” 
  • Spark joy by doing things you’ve never done before as a family. 
  • Society puts professional success on a pedestal, so you must play defense to protect your relationships, health, finances, and more.


Kyle Depiesse


Kyle Depiesse is the founder and CEO of Guys Trip, where he organizes adventurous trips and events to help men connect, have fun, and grow. Kyle is married to Lois, and they have one son, Cal. 


Key Quotes


  • 6:41 - "It's really important to honor people in front of other people. Thank people and be grateful for people while they're around. Tomorrow's not guaranteed."
  • 31:01 - "If you can just take a minute and maybe even have intentional questions to ask yourself, maybe that's the cheat code. Maybe that's the hack, what am I grateful for? How am I experiencing God right now? Just ask yourself some questions and reflect. I don't think we give ourself the gift of reflection and we don't give ourself the gift of solitude enough. And sometimes there's things that just bubble up to the surface And when you pause and you reflect and you're in solitude, you can allow those things that come up to the surface."


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