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Aug 10, 2023

Jeff Zaugg steps behind the microphone in this episode to share his personal fatherhood journey and how he adds adventure and intentionality to the dad life. Interviewed by Dr. Michelle Canfield Watson, Jeff shares powerful encouragement and insights for fathers in any stage of parenting. 


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Key Takeaways


  • Tell your children you love being their dad. 
  • Challenge yourself to step into the unknown with your whole heart. 
  • You can gamify every stage of fathering. 
  • Most fathers rank themselves worse than average, but you can flip the script.


Jeff Zaugg


Jeff Zaugg is the founder of dadAWESOME and FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS, two ministries that resource and rally dads through engaging podcasts and 100-mile bike rides. Jeff and his wife, Michelle, have been married for seventeen years and are parents to four daughters.


Key Quotes


  • 14:00 - "I call it the intentional 40. I turned 40 about 14 months ago, and I said, Hey, if I could get more intentional moments with my wife, that would that would be good in so many levels, more intentional moments with my girls, more intentional moments with friends and more intentional moments with mentors. The drift, I want to be a dad, a man, a follower of Jesus who is dreaming and not drifting. And our dreams, often we have to take action to spark bigger dreams, and we have to stretch ourselves and be a little bit vulnerable and do something that's hard."
  • 39:02 - "I'll give away more of me, in my heart, that I think most of us dads, the same way we give all of ourselves to the stranger and a fraction of ourselves to the little precious gifts."


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