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May 6, 2021



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Adam Griffin


Adam Griffin is the Lead Pastor of Eastside Community Church in Dallas, Texas. Adam is the cohost of the Culture Matters Podcast and the coauthor of the book Family Discipleship. In 2018, Adam completed his Doctor of Educational Ministry Degree at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where he designed a strategy for churches to address racial reconciliation in Dallas. Adam lives in Lake Highlands with his wife Chelsea and their three sons Oscar, Gus, and Theodore.




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Show Notes:


  •  2:21 - Join the momAWESOME Challenge - Send a text with the word "MOM" to 651-370-8618
  • 3:03 - May 14th - Early Registration deadline for F4F Minneapolis. Sign up at 
  • Article: "Raising Kids the World Will Hate." 
  • Adam Griffin:  "I'm seeing some of the fruit of the labor we've put into our kids to the point now where for us family discipleship, which is really what we're talking about, has become so normal that if I remove myself from a situation, my kids can lead themselves through it."
  • 6:58 - Family discipleship at bedtime
  • 7:29 - "I feel especially passionate and saying I don't want my oldest son to be the only one who's got leadership experience in this family."
  • 7:53 -I'm trying to, like you said, build in not only them to be receivers, but then to be leaders and already I'm thinking about them as fathers. I'm thinking about them as husbands. I'm not just thinking about them as my kids with some obligation I have to mention Jesus as we put them to bed. But I'm trying to grow men."
  • 9:22 - Choosing scriptures for his kids. "Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act like a man and be strong and let everything you do be done in love.".... "Be strong, show yourself a man, keep the charge of the Lord, your God, walk in his ways and statutes." ...."He's told you, O man, what's good and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love, kindness and walk humbly with your God."
  • 11:50 -  "I believe is that there's a countercultural nature to the way Christians are called to parent, to lead, to live, and that's that we are not of the world, even though we're in the world, it's that we will be hated because Jesus is hated."
  • 12:20 - I want them to stand by what they believe, regardless of what the world would say about it or how small the minority of people is who believe that."
  • 13:05 - "Do Griffins follow the crowd? And my sons will say that to me only if the crowd is following Jesus."
  • 14:12 - Book: Family Discipleship and the idea of being "dads who take the lead." 
  • 16:22 - "If when you think about leading your wife or you think about leading your kids, you're thinking about how can I lay down the gifts God has given me of strength or wisdom or insight or of time in order to meet the needs of those people that the Lord has me living with right now? And so leadership, to me, it has to be servant-hearted and it has to be service-oriented because that's the way we see Jesus lead and that's what he's called us to do."
  • 17:22 - Family discipleship - Critically important, but mostly ordinary.
  • 18:38 -  "So what they need from you, dads, is a demonstration of what it looks like to be an imperfect person who follows a perfect God. They don't need you to be their savior. They have that in Jesus Christ. But what they what you can serve is an example of like, well, here's how dad makes mistakes and repents. Here's how dad tries and fails. Here's how dad tries and succeeds."
  • 20:45 - Modeling, Time, Moments, Milestones - the framework for discipleship
  • 22:32 - "And it's in those significant times where it's going to be memorable that we have the opportunity to point to God's faithfulness, no matter what the circumstances, and to create something bigger."
  • 23:55 - I really believe in the concept of family discipleship that we help you walk through. What is modeling look like in your house? When are you going to do family discipleship time? What language can you use in your household around moments? And then what's your plan for milestones? What do you want to build towards or when you want to be doing?
  • 27:51 - Quote from Charles Spurgeon, "we sow, we reap... Let us expect our children to know the Lord. Let us from the beginning, mingle the name of Jesus with their ABCs."  - making family discipleship as important as education.
  • 30:43 - Quote from Charles Spurgeon - "Aspire, dear brethren, to shine widely as a candle set upon a candle stick gives light to all that are in the house. First see to it that you are truly saved yourselves. Then cry out, cry to the Lord for your own kith and kin and labor for them until they are brought to the redeemers feet and then let your light shine throughout the neighborhoods where you dwell. It is. It is a poor lamp which cannot be seen outside its own glass."
  • 34:59 - Deut 6 - Be diligent in impressing these things to our children. Deut 4 - Be diligent in the care of our souls.


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