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Nov 17, 2019

Josh Walters

This is the second part of our dadAWESOME interview with Josh Walters... Here's the first half of the conversation. Josh and his wife Katie have six children, AnnaJaye, Abigail, Abel, Asher, Ari, and Anthem (The A-Team). They’ve been married for 17 years and Josh has been a pastor at Seacoast Church for 10 years.

Conversation Notes:

  • 2:35 - Josh talking about tattoos to remind him and his wife about living with multigenerational focus
  • 3:30 - "We are driving this vision. We are not drifting into random grandparent names"
  • 3:40 - "I probably have more vision for grandparent Josh than I do for young professional Josh"
  • 4:20 - The tattoos are a reminder of the endgame. Hopefully someday I get to parent into my kids parenting of their kids.
  • 4:45 - "You can lose vision for 30 years from now. You don’t just stumble into a future where your children want to come home and spend time with you. Or want to spend their holidays with you."
  • 6:40 - "I feel like I am constantly learning and reminded of my dad more now with his passing…"
  • 7:20 - “We get to model healthy family and the love of a father and boundaries and fun… And write an alternative story for family”
  • 7:55 - The influence of helping our kids navigate friendships as a dad is probably one our most significant influence on our kids
  • 9:15 - Dad mistake would be getting really angry when his kids didn’t take care of their stuff
  • 11:25 - A second dad mistake would be missing moments to lay with his kids and connect with their hearts before bed.
  • 13:10 - Josh explains the mission of Francis and Benedict
  • 13:15 - Marriage tip — for 17 years of marriage his wife was organizing her and her family around Josh’s career… This vision was an answer to dreams on their heart before they started having kids.
  • 16:45 - "Don’t underestimate what God can do with a dream"
  • 18:00 - Josh praying for all of us dads

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