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Oct 26, 2023

Last week, Brian Stites went to be with the Lord. His life was a walking testament of how men can show up as engaged, front yard fathers. Despite facing some of the hardest challenges, Brian continued to trust God and walk in faith. In his memory, here are ten things that were true about Brian that every dad can strive...

Oct 20, 2023

It’s the 300th episode of DadAwesome! In celebration of this milestone, check out these 90+ practical takeaways from 30+ fathers in all walks of life. Thank you for being part of the DadAwesome community. 


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Featured Guests


Oct 12, 2023

John Eldredge recently returned from a sabbatical where he discovered deeper truths about God’s love and plans for us. Now, he’s imparting his wisdom about how to experience healing, joy, and adventure amid the challenges of life. 


Key Takeaways


  • The world is focused on distraction and sedation.
  • Walk daily into...

Oct 5, 2023

Dr. Jackson Drumgoole combines passion and practical strategies in this episode. With his F3 and D3 methods, you can help your child identify their gifts and launch them into the world for success.  


Key Takeaways


  • Be the loudest voice in your child’s ears. 
  • Help your kids find, follow, and finish their God-given...