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Sep 22, 2019

About John Bolin:

John Bolin is an entrepreneur and storyteller passionate about encouraging others to use their talent to create opportunities to be remarkable and make an exponential impact. As a speaker and consultant, he works with companies to help them clarify and amplify the stories of their customers. With over twenty years of experience in theater, publishing, and film, John is a trusted voice on faith and culture.

Conversation Notes:

  • 3:29 - John introduces himself 
  • 4:53 - The elements of "story" weaves into every part of our life
  • 5:05 - Conflict changes people. The process of conflict or tension and then release.
  • 6:00 - The hero of the story meets the Sage or the Guide. The parent is the guide.
  • 7:45 - Stories of pain and difficult times
  • 10:05 - Parenting is a long game. We must learn to embrace the tears and pain.
  • 11:10 - Parenting mistakes
  • 12:10 - Family values. Creativity, Hospitality, Spontaneity, Entrepreneurship, Travel, etc 
  • 13:15 - Stories of his kids being entrepreneurial 
  • 15:00 - The challenges of 5 kids and the adventure of a long extended month long family trip to Europe 
  • 16:35 - Travel tips for family adventures 
  • 17:00 - Schedule first what matters most. It took prioritizing. 
  • 17:57 - John shares reflections about his father
  • 18:20 - Learn to make what matters to your kids matter to you
  • 20:21 - Time machine advice. Spend more time investing in your kids. Ask more questions. Play more.
  • 21:55 - John shares his top fatherhood resources 
  • 22:10 - You must have friends to walk this dad life out with.
    • The Perfect Father (Rob Stennett)
    • Focus on the Family (Jim Daly’s podcast)
    • Business Authors: Seth Godin, Jeff Goins, Ryan Holiday, Stephen
      Pressfield, Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferriss even Gary
  • 25:11 - You are the perfect dad for your kids. God put your kids in your family for a reason. You have everything you need to parent your kids the way god wants you to... You’ve got what it takes. Don’t compare yourself to other dads.
  • 27:20 - You can’t lose. We all make mistakes. There is hope. No matter how far you’ve drifted.
  • 27:50 - Be willing to listen. Don’t be afraid.
  • 28:50 - God redeems us. God carries us.
  • 29:30 - We can’t live our kids story. We can’t take their burdens. All we can do is carry them.
  • 30:00 - John’s Prayer 

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