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Dec 23, 2018

Competitive obstacle racer, trauma surgeon and father of seven Patei Iyegha joins dadAWESOME to discus 5 ways to put this Moment Maker Dads theme into action.
In case you missed the first Patei Iyegha interview on Episode 25, here's the link:
1. Power of Words- what words are we speaking over our kids? The words we speak are foundational for moments to be made. Action speaks louder than words... ACTION >>ask your wife or a close Christian friend about your words... Do they hear you speaking words of life?
2. Slow Down - experience moments from my Heavenly Father. Creativity flows in moments with time and space and simplicity… ACTION >>take a 20-min walk in silence... Ask God to bring to mind ways you can make fatherhood adjustments. Ask for God to whisper areas to add intentionality.
3. Technology- does my phone and tv and other screens help spark creativity and problem solving and dreaming?What toys and activities will inspire creativity?Do the games, screens and toys lead towards conclusions? Or towards endless possibilities? ACTION >>check your screen time statistics on your phone. 2-hours per day over 18 years is 13,000 hours of extra time with your kids.
4. Sticky Moments - mystery waffles, fried egg Fridays... Family Bible Story Time... Polar Express Christmas Light Adventure. How can I add more regular family moments that my kids will look forward to?Engaging the 5 senses with these moments. ACTION >>create one simple moment for your kids this week
5. Family Values Audit - Family Values - two truth tellers for my values = Time and Money…My calendar reveals my priorities.Look at your finances and where you invest your time and it will reveal what matters most in your lifeWhat words or phrases are central to my family? What do I value?What is my compass? ACTION >>Look back at your calendar for the past 2-weeks. Look at your budget and pray about the % of that time and money that is focussed on you and your needs and your families needs vs. serving others and giving to others.

Bonus Step = Read The Power Of Moments (by Chip and Dan Heath) or listen to this podcast about the book by Craig Groeschel