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Dec 14, 2023

As a business owner and father to six, Jordan Stone has plenty of reasons to let busyness consume him. But he’s learned the power of slowing down, being present, and creating room in his agenda for how God wants to use him. With real-life examples and practical tips, Jordan Stone will inspire you to rethink the concepts of legacy, ownership, provision, and more. 



Key Takeaways


  • God may have a calling for your family that extends for multiple generations. 
  • A pioneer goes into uncharted territory and tries to establish something that doesn’t exist yet. 
  • Make room in your schedule to be available for interruptions. 
  • Avoid getting stuck in a singular definition of provision. 
  • Parenting is gardening, not carpentry.


Jordan Stone


Jordan Stone and his wife, Elizabeth, live on the Oregon Coast with their six children. After relocating from Cincinnati, they moved into the home Jordan’s grandparents built and lived in for over 40 years before they both passed away. As a family, they own and run multiple businesses together. 


Key Quotes


  • 13:47 - "The reason we start out with [with our family mission each day] is because what we're doing is very difficult. A pioneer is somebody who goes into uncharted territory and tries to establish something that doesn't already exist there. And that's how we see what what we're trying to bring Kingdom wise into this place."
  • 40:08 - "What really happens, at least in my case, there are so many things that we suppress through busyness. The demons in our life, the baggage in our life, the things that are quite uncomfortable to face. Busyness provides us a very socially acceptable way to never confront those things. When you stop [the busyness] all of it has the opportunity to come to the surface and you don't have any more excuses not to deal with it."


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