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Dec 22, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • Do the things your kids want to do.
  • We need to redefine the relationship with our phones.
  • When you put your phone down:
    • it becomes an equalizer for you and your kids.
    • bestows value on the people around you.
    • it become the reverse parental control.
  • Lets be dads who have shiny eyes and not glowing eyes from screens.




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Joey Odom


Joey recently relocated to Knoxville, TN from Atlanta with his wife and two kids. Prior to founding Aro, Joey was an executive in commercial real estate, and like Heath, realized his phone was distracting him from the most important thing in life - his family.


He's famous for saying, "When you change your relationship with your phone, you change your relationship with everyone around you, including yourself."


Joey is the heart behind Aro, and we can't call it a work day if he hasn't cried or made someone else cry.


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of the Conversation Here)


  • 8:26 - "God just accepts us at our faults and He accepts all the idiosyncrasies. And so I think I've learned from that and I think I'm in the season right now that this input that I want to communicate to my kids as you are fully accepted by me. I don't think they've ever questioned love, but you are fully accepted, everything you do, I accept and you are mine."
  • 17:27 - "Our phones are the biggest source of distraction. I describe distraction is anything that gets in the way of your intentions. My intention is to be a great dad. My intention is when I speak with somebody to be the most present and engaged person they've ever spoken with. "


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