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Oct 6, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • Fathers have spiritual authority to protect their families.
  • As a father, clean up your own sins.
  • Talk about sexuality in your home.
  • Men need friendships that have intimacy and vulnerability.
  • God, He does things.




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Lowell Seashore


Lowell lives with his awesome and wonderful wife Susie, no kids of their own (but they have had 32 foster teenage boys) near Minneapolis, MN. His passion for coaching was developed as he coached varsity soccer for Orono High School for 14 years and then 3 years coaching a Nordic Combined skier in two Winter Olympics and one World Cup. Then he turned his coaching passion to young men to mentor them in how to live free from sin and bondage. He personally coaches, mentors, and disciples young men.

He also loves Jeeping, hiking and generally playing in the mountains and spending as much time as possible at the world headquarters for DMU. (A cabin in the mountains of Colorado)

He is personally submitted to Jesus Christ and committed to making disciples who become spiritual warriors for Christ.


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of Conversation Here)


  • 09:51 - "I just pray. The best youth work ever did, I pray, they show up."
  • 14:33 - "After a while, I got real tired of wussy Christians. I mean, it's sad. We're all commanded to make disciples, and we do a really poor job of making disciples. We think it's, to me, it was like disciple making wasn't a list of things you have to learn about or a program. You know, if it was if I was going to make disciples, I had to share my life with them and they could see how I live and that's a bigger point."
  • 15:29 - "The most important thing I would love to tell fathers is that the spiritual authority that they have in the home is not to boss people around or be an authority like we think of it. Spiritual authority is to protect their family. If he's protected really well in that way he has a lot of spiritual authority to protect his children so that Satan doesn't have the legal rights to go add his kids through the father."


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