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Oct 26, 2023

Last week, Brian Stites went to be with the Lord. His life was a walking testament of how men can show up as engaged, front yard fathers. Despite facing some of the hardest challenges, Brian continued to trust God and walk in faith. In his memory, here are ten things that were true about Brian that every dad can strive toward. 


Key takeaways


  • He was serving others.
  • He joined other men around a mission.
  • He was the first to give.
  • He encountered hardship with faith.
  • He helped support others.
  • He kept serving others.
  • He kept being generous.
  • He worshiped and he laughed.
  • He celebrated others.
  • He finished his race with gladness.


Brian Stites


Brian Stites was a man who took front yard fatherhood seriously. For him, everyone was welcome. He showed up for countless other men as a mentor and father figure. Brian went home to Heaven on October 18, 2023. 


Key Quotes


  • 3:26 - "I'm calling this episode Front Yard Fatherhood. If you think of a backyard of a house with a fence, it's kind of private, closed off, you're not welcome there unless you know the person. Front yard is, you're out on the street, you're out welcoming others. I felt a very front yard with Brian. Partially because Brian would have me come sit with him in his front yard, open to the whole neighborhood to see. We would sit and talk and cry, and we prayed together in his front yard. But his heart, him and Heather, their hearts were very front yard, everyone's welcome."
  • 10:28 - "He finished his race with gladness. His posture was one of hope, faith, gladness. He's suffering. He was having a hard time speaking and keeping dialog going, yet he had gladness. "


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