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Jul 22, 2021


We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Jeff Zaugg


Jeff and Michelle Zaugg recently celebrated 15 years of marriage. They live in New Brighton, MN with their 4 young daughters and their Goldendoodle Boomer. After 10-years of entrepreneurial non-profit ministry leadership, Jeff served as a pastor at Substance Church in the Twin Cities for the past 7 years. In Fall 2020 Jeff took the leap and went full-time fatherhood ministry. He is the founder and lead cheerleader at dadAWESOME & FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS. When he’s not wrestling or playing hide and seek with his daughters, you might find Jeff out for a bike ride, making a pour over coffee, sitting by a fire with his wife or challenging some friends to a game of Spikeball.




MINNEAPOLIS, MN — August 28th, 2021

— DENVER, CO — September 18th, 2021

— PHILADELPHIA, PA — October 2nd, 2021

— NEW YORK, NY — October 16th, 2021

— PHOENIX, AZ — November 20th, 2021

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  • Story of boat drifting
    • Dark
    • Alone
    • Drifting
    • Sinking
    • Embarrassed
    • Terrified
    • Taking on water
  • Definition of DRIFTING: to be carried along by currents of water or air, or by the force of circumstances... To wander aimlessly
  • Drifting
    • Lack of vision
    • Lack of purpose
    • Just trying to get through the day
    • Numbing
    • Stalled out
    • Controlled by fear
  • John 10:10 shows us the two options - DRIFTING vs. DREAMING
  • The Thief comes to KILL, STEAL & DESTROY (Drifting)
  • But I have come to bring ABUNDANCE… LIFE to the FULL” (Dreaming)
  • Satan wants to kill, steal and destroy the work of God in your family, your work, your ministry, your friendships,your finances, your marriage, your parenting, and your health…
  • The Thief (satan) wants you to be a DRIFTER. DRIFTING is a WIN for satan
  • Remember our Bible Story?
    • Saul was DRIFTING – he was the king and he was sitting under the pomegranate tree… (Meanwhile, Saul was taking it easy under the pomegranate tree) >> There were about six hundred men with him
    • Jonathan was DREAMING – he was a CHANGE MAKER… As the son of the king, he had the option of relaxing like his dad. He could have played it safe…
  • There is a Gravitational Pull towards Drifting. Our brains are wired to Avoid Pain... Limbic Cortex = Lizard Brain - ​​It’s in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing up... The lizard brain is the source of the resistance
  • Pain is One of the Primary reasons we DRIFT. Hurts, pains and past struggles lead us to avoid risk... PAIN >> Passivity… Pain can lead to PAUSE or a Plateau in our journey of trusting God.
  • PAIN >> Passion & Purpose
  • DREAMER - Kids don’t worry about constraints or limitations... They think with a filter of abundance and possibility
  • Acts 2:17 “…God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people; your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” (Joel 2:28)
  • Two Steps for each of us: We are going to Remember & Run
  • Remember You Are a Child of God - it starts with your identity… You are a LOVED child of God.
  • To live as a DREAMER, you must receive this gift and step into your identity as a Son of God… A Daughter of God
  • Run! Throw off the Weight and Run!
  • Hebrews 12:1 “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”
  • Pain leads to Passivity. Pain leads us to hit PAUSE on our DREAMS.
  • The pain of our past has stolen our FREEDOM and we are looking through the little rearview mirror and over our shoulder at what should be behind us.
  • The windshield of your life needs to be so much BIGGER than the rearview mirror
  • Experience the healing that your Heavenly Father wants for you.


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