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Sep 24, 2020



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Three Updates & a Challenge:


  • This is a prayer soaked podcast - God has a next step for each of us
  • 3 Updates:
    1. Season #2 Five Highlights- three dadAWESOME takeaways from _________ (5 episodes in the month of October)
    2. DadAWESOME Foundations - starting October 8th... the foundations of dadAWESOME on 4 Thursday nights
    3. Partnership with Connected Families.  Discipline that Connects with Your Child’s Heart (Book & Course)




  • From part 4 of DA Foundations
  • Enjoy your KIDS
  • 4 parts of DadAWESOME Foundations

L — I am Loved (You are my son, whom I Love)
I — I am Intentional (Time, Marriage, Friends, Church, Mentors, Exercise, Career)
F — I am Free (Heart, Forgiven, Pain, hurts, wound, Baggage, Purity, Shame)
E — I Enjoy my kids (In you I am well pleased)

  • Adding LIFE to the dad life
  • Our kids can tell when their dad loves being their dad
  • My prayer is that our kids would say, “my dad loves being my daddy and that being a dad is the favorite thing my dad does in life”
  • Shiny eyes come when we father with child like wonder... We need to father like a child

* curiosity
* Joy
* Wonder
* Being present
* Fully alive

  • The Fight for our Attention. For our Awe & Wonder
  • John 10:10  “the devil comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy, but Jesus came so that we might have LIFE to the Full (Abundant Life)”
  • The devil wants to kill, steal and destroy our wonder and our joy
  • We must pay attention to what is stealing our attention
  • ENJOY = synonyms

    • love
    • be pleased by
    • appreciate
    • savor
    • be fond of
    • find/take pleasure in
    • rejoice in
    • bask in
    • be amused by
    • delight in
    • adore
    • get a kick out of
  • Story of Wonder
  • Opening story in Dangerous Wonder by Mike Yaconelli
  • A mind shift of intentionality
  • It took intentionality to set up this moment of wonder
  • Matthew 6:21 (TPT) “For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure”
  • The more we treasure the dad life the more our heart will pursue more of it
  • Our heart will pursue what we treasure
  • My prayer is that you would ENJOY the dad life
  • You are dadAWESOME
  • Your kids can tell when you enjoy being their dad
  • Episode 141 - next week will feature the top 3 dadAWESOME Takeaways from John Eldredge
  • dadAWESOME Foundations starts on October 8th
  • Jeff’s prayer for every dad