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Dec 16, 2021



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Zack Curry


Zack Curry is the Lead Pastor at Jesus Culture San Diego. Zack experienced a significant move of God in high school that marked his life forever. His passion is to see love released on campuses and see schools transformed by God. For the past 15 years Zack’s ministered to high school and college students, raising them up as leaders heading into all areas of society to see cultural transformation. He is passionate about community and family. He believes healthy people and thriving relationships are the true measure of success. He leads from a desire to see lives and cities transformed by an encounter with Jesus. Zack and his wife Melissa delight in their three wonderful daughters.


60-Day Fitness Challenge


  • Join the dadAWESOME MURPH on Saturday, February 12th, 2022
  • WHY? Winter is an easy time to step back and take it easy. We are challenging dads to get stronger this winter.
  • WHAT? We are launching a 60-day MURPH training plan leading up to Saturday, February 12th, 2022
  • WHEN? It starts this week and the actual event can be on or around Saturday, February 12th.
  • WHERE? Anywhere. Your basement, gym, playground, RV or wherever you can find open space and a pull-up bar.
  • HOW? We will support you through a SLACK group with a professional athletic trainer creating workout plans and answering your questions. (we will send you an invitation to SLACK after you register)
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL? You can do a 1/2 MURPH or FULL or add the weight of your kids to make it harder. Here's the standard challenge started specifically to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005:

    1 mile run
    300 air squats
    200 pushups
    100 pull-ups
    1 mile run

  • KIDS JOINING ME? We are adding a gamification system to encourage you to include your kids in the actual February 12th, 2022 workout challenge. Place them on your back or on your shoulders... Strap on your baby to add some weight for the pull-ups. Invite your kids to run or bike along with you on your two 1-mile runs.

JOIN the 60-Day Challenge


Show Notes:


  • Episode 83 -
  • 6:21 - "For me, as a father, it's prioritizing that role, this sacred role, privilege of being a father"
  • 7:21 - "This is a sacred call, an honor. And to you have to prioritize it"
  • 8:41 - "one of my indicators and the lights that come on for me is when I get frustrated or angry"
  • 10:56 - "as a dad, I care for my kids deeply and I'm in scenarios where I actually don't know what to do. So I feel out of control. And so then my default is frustration"
  • 18:58 - "We love the concept of adventure. But I think for a lot of us in our own lives, the unknown can paralyze us and keep us where we know we're safe, we have control..."
  • 20:36 - "we could just sit here all day and tell stories of why do we believe God's real? Because we've seen it in our life over and over when we couldn't do it in the big and the small way?"
  • 22:07 - "we want to do it for them or fix it or solve it when you know we can actually help guide them through and say, Hey, OK, is that is that true? Is like, what is God say about that? And then like, Hey, we're like teaching them to bring it to God, invite God and teach them to say, OK, yeah, it is impossible from you can't do it. But what would happen if God helped you like? Then it becomes these, you know, like in the Old Testament, where you have these memorial stones that you build and say, Oh, OK, and you're and you're along their journey teaching them to say, Hey, remember when God did this for you? Not for me? They're watching us. But you're like, Maybe when you did that for you, that's a memorial stone in your journey. Look back..."
  • 23:40 - "one of the values for me with my daughters is to be connected to their heart. So like, so they feel I just want them to always be able to talk to me"
  • 25:22 - "teaching them to dream a little bit bigger, not just settle with, OK, yeah, what? What's the truth? What does God say"
  • 27:06 - "we did this challenge. There were four parts to it. We said, Hey, we want to build a rhythm of adventure, which is like taking care of our soul for us individually and for us, for our kids. We're like, Hey. So it's kind of broken up into a weekly, monthly, quarterly and then yearly."
  • 27:30 - once a week, go on an adventure
  • 27:48 - monthly, go do an overnight or full day type of activity
  • 28:05 - quarterly is like planned, like an adventure that is substantial
  • 28:13 - a once a year epic kind of trip
  • 33:56 - "this is probably my philosophy on parenthood. And, you know, as a dad is just invited to be a part of it. So we just we were outside of a need, you know, for anything healing provision, any of those areas we teach our girls that God is good, that he's powerful, that he you know, he. He's alive and moving like these are truths that are true in every season. Good, bad, hard..."
  • 37:21 - do the work to grow, to go deeper... Don't run away from the hard things or not to label it as failure or yourself is failure. But listen, we have this is the kingdom of God."
  • 38:13 - "Don't run away from it. Dive into that because in it, your pain, your weakness actually...Paul said that his power is made perfect and our weakness"


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