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Jun 17, 2021



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Mark Batterson


Mark Batterson is the lead pastor of National Community Church (NCC) in Washington, DC. One church in seven locations, NCC owns and operates Ebenezers Coffeehouse, the Miracle Theatre, and the DC Dream Center. NCC is currently developing a city block into the Capital Turnaround. This 100,000-square-foot space will include an event venue, child development center, mixed-use marketplace, and coworking space. Mark holds a doctor of ministry degree from Regent University and is the New York Times bestselling author of twenty books, including The Circle Maker, Chase the Lion, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and Whisper. He and his wife, Lora, have three children and live on Capitol Hill.




MINNEAPOLIS, MN — August 28th, 2021

— DENVER, CO — September 18th, 2021

— PHILADELPHIA, PA — October 2nd, 2021

— NEW YORK, NY — October 16th, 2021

— PHOENIX, AZ — November 20th, 2021

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Show Notes:


  • Text “DAD” to 651-370-8618 to join the text list and for all dadAWESOME day updates!
  • 1:52 - Monday, June 21st. Just write down DadAWESOME day - our launch pad to a year of becoming dadAWESOME.
  • 2:42 - Minneapolis Fathers for the Fatherless - signup deadline is June 27th. Sign up at
  • 3:49 - Mark Batterson's new book: Win the Day
  • 5:15 - Going from "This is crazy!" to "This is awesome!"
  • 7:10 - "Your actions are perfectly designed to achieve the results that you're getting."
  • 7:38 - Discussing the idea of the grand gesture:  choosing to change upstream, because we know we want to see a desired change downstream 
  • 9:51 - "A grand gesture...It's just doing something that signifies, I'm making a move towards solving this problem or accomplishing this goal."
  • 13:03 - JMD, Just manageable difficulty - if something's too easy you actually lose interest.
  • 16:06 - Every move we make, every risk we take sets the stage for someone else. Your brave is someone else's breakthrough.
  • 20:14 - Habit number 2, Kiss the Wave -  the obstacle is not the enemy. The obstacle is the wave.
  • 21:18 - "I do think that it is some of the suffering that makes us appreciate the gift that life is and helps us identify with a God who suffered, who went to a cross, a God who loves us enough to go through Gethsemane. And so sometimes I need to be willing to walk through some of that suffering."
  • 22:49 - DadAWESOME day is a declaration day. It's a decision day to make the next three hundred and sixty five days a decision towards becoming dadAWESOME. 
  • 23:47 - "If you do little things like they're big things got as a way of doing big things, like they're little things"
  • 24:29 - "time is measured in minutes. Life is measured in moments. It's Wind the Clock habit number 6.
  • 25:34 - "God wants to turn the hearts of the fathers towards their children. And I think when that happens, then revival happens."


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