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Sep 8, 2019

Charles Lee is the Founder and CEO of Ideation, an idea agency that specializes in helping organizations and businesses take their ideas and make them remarkable via creative strategy, branding, design, and marketing. He is also the author of Good Idea. Now What? - a book that guides people in implementing ideas well. Charles regularly speaks around the country on topics such as creative process, idea-making, innovation, branding, new media, and compassionate justice.

Conversation Notes

  • 2:44 - Introducing Charles Lee
  • Timed talk format from Charles' Youth Specialties presentation = PechaKucha
  • 4:44 - “My life mission is to reduce the number of people who take their good ideas to the grave.” - Charles Lee
  • 5:00 - God designed us and has aspirations for us. We can pursue things that God has birthed in us.
  • 7:36 - Charles on the influence of his family
  • 9:05 - Less about life-balance and more like a fulcrum. Move your attention to where it is needed in specific seasons.
  • 11:12 - Teaching resilience to our kids: modeling stewardship
  • 12:48 - Learnings from painful moments - coming to terms with our limitations
  • 14:46 - Trust God that he has something bigger planned
  • 15:40 - Priorities in Charles’ family: continued generosity and the gift of encouraging their kids to engage with adults
  • 16:43 - Parenting mistakes: failing to put ourselves in the position of our kids and increase empathy for them
  • 18:28 - How to reserve creative energy for our family: It’s about pace
  • 19:46 - “The way that innovation works is often two or more unrelated concepts intersect. So if I can put [my kids] in environments that they’re not familiar with, I’m hoping it will trigger an unexpected connection in their thinking.” - Charles Lee
  • 21:01 - Charles summarizes his book Good Idea. Now What? and why he wrote it
  • 22:29 - The Third Eye Principle applied to the dad-life
  • 24:23 - How the concept of limiting/trimming relates to parenting
  • 25:01 - “Don't become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.” Zig Ziglar
  • 25:42 - “Since we are finite beings with finite time and resources, we need to prioritize regularly what really matters to us.” - Charles Lee
  • 26:01 - “We will always make time for things that we value... If [being a dad] is a priority, then our actions should reflect that commitment.” - Charles Lee
  • 26:36 - The importance of writing down our ideas
  • 28:08 - Encouragement for dads
  • 28:47 - “If I will be faithful as I can be… God will still make His path straight for our kids… He loves them far more than I do.” - Charles Lee
  • 29:38 - Legacy Question: What Charles hopes his family would say at his celebration of life service
  • 31:01 - Charles’ closing prayer