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Apr 7, 2019

Comedian, speaker and master of creativity Bob Stromberg joins dadAWESOME for part 1 of Creativity Month. For over forty years he has traveled the world performing his very unique and perfect blend of standup, story and shtick. He’s the co-author and an original star of the megahit theatrical comedy, Triple Espresso (A Highly Caffeinated Comedy), which has been seen by over two million people from San Diego to the West End of London. 

Conversation Highlights:

  • A fathers response to hearing a crazy idea from a son... "That's Perfect" (10:50)
  • The importance of knowing your child. Knowing truly who they are. (11:30)
  • The importance of remembering how fast time is moving. Imagine your kids out in the future (14:30)
  • Creative process - remember the GET acronym 
  • The first step in the creative process - GRAB (17:45)
  • The second step is to INTERROGATE... Ask questions (18:45)
  • When the thought becomes an idea you can TRANSFORM (19:45)
  • GET = grab, interrogate and transform
  • That's what love does... it opens itself up to pain (20:50)
  • The importance of play (21:00)
  • Get outside and play (22:30)
  • In Search of Greatness (22:50)
  • Kids have a difficult time knowing how to create playful moments on their own (24:20)
  • the creative process explained through kids learning how to play (25:10)
  • We are all born with a capacity to experience creativity and a desire to experience creativity. That's the gift. (25:50) 
  • What if a dad feels they're not very creative? (27:10)
  • Dads and moms are over-scheduling their kids (27:30)
  •  The definitive biography of Tiger Woods (book) (29:15)
  • More free time for prisoners that for our kids... (25:40)
  • Play is at the basic most fundamental level of creativity (31:15)
  • We don't laugh enough as families (32:20)
  • The difference between success in the world and success as a parent (34:15)
  • You go from having total control to having zero control as a successful parent... you keep giving up more control (35:00)
  • Play is important, but prayer is more important (37:00)
  • We are at war against spiritual forces and the only way to fight is through prayer (38:00)

Links for further exploration:

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