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Jan 27, 2019

This is part 4 of Father Family Rhythms and we're outlining five steps to put this month's theme into action. We're joined by Nate Puccini who shares insights into living with daily disciplines to support his family rhythms.


  1. Take a day or a half day - Be intentional about slowing down and listening for the voice of your Heavenly Father. Reflect, Read, Worship, Exercise, Rest, etc.
  2. Protect key connection moments - Discover the best daily times for connecting with your kids and protect those time slots for family time.
  3. Take a risk for your kids - Be willing to risk our own priorities to make a moment with our kids.
  4. Chase a cliff - Throw yourself into serving others and investing in something bigger than yourself. Escape the trap of boredom and being stuck.
  5. Is your identity around what you do? Or is it around who you are? - Build rhythms from a place of prioritizing the most important.

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