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May 2, 2024

Stephen Mansfield joins us in this episode to ignite your warrior mindset. As a man of God, you have a responsibility to prepare intentionally in every aspect of life, from your marriage to parenting and beyond. Stephen shares powerful examples of rituals, accountability, and prayers that can shape your life and future generations with purpose. 



Key Takeaways


  • Warriors use every moment to prepare for impending battles, and strong men must do the same. 
  • If you're going to achieve the greatness you're made for, stop being passive in the face of your surrounding culture and get intentional. 
  • Righteous men are meant to think about the impact they'll have on the next generation. 
  • Manhood is transferred during rituals, where you affirm a man in that milestone moment and speak of what's coming.


Stephen Mansfield


Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and popular speaker committed to serving vital social causes. He and his wife, Beverly, split their time between Nashville, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C.


Key Quotes


  • 7:42 - "Warriors are intentional. They know there's battles coming. They are fighting for others. They're fighting battles of love for nation, for family, for righteous causes. And they are preparing themselves. And that makes them tougher, makes them more sacrificial, makes them more visionary, makes them live every moment in terms of, they're in the moment, but also in terms of what's coming."
  • 18:12 - "I think every day is a gift. I think we live every day out as another day of our destiny. And the kissing of the spouse and the sitting quietly and the sipping of a glass of wine, the walk and the time reading a book and those peaceful, quiet, measured things, are just as important in building a legacy, as are the big dramatic,  500 year things. We men are naturally given to vision. What we have to do is be given to the moment more. That takes more intentionality on most of our lives."


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