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Oct 5, 2023

Dr. Jackson Drumgoole combines passion and practical strategies in this episode. With his F3 and D3 methods, you can help your child identify their gifts and launch them into the world for success.  


Key Takeaways


  • Be the loudest voice in your child’s ears. 
  • Help your kids find, follow, and finish their God-given purpose. 
  • Help them discover, develop, and deploy their gifts to the world
  • Lead where you live with love. 
  • Be the Kool-Aid house.


Dr. Jackson Drumgoole


Dr. Jackson Drumgoole is an inspirational speaker, author, and veteran with a heart for fathers and families. He and his wife, ShDonna, have five children. 


Key Quotes


  • 6:21 - "I want to make sure that I'm the loudest voice in their ear and that I'm telling them who they are, whose they are, I'm telling them their influence in the world and help them to find, follow, and finish their God given purpose. Help them to discover, develop and deploy their gifts to the world. I need them to know that before they walk out of the house in the morning time, because of all the all the influences in the earth, and I want to make sure they hear that."
  • 20:55 - "For my kids, helping them to discover what it is they were really passionate about, is spending time with them. I stopped by their rooms every day and just sat in with them for a moment to check on them, to see how they're doing and really just spend time in their world. Helping them to discover that piece, to say, okay, what are you naturally drawn to?"


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