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Jul 27, 2023

Before Lisa Max was a parenting coach or ministry director, she walked her own journey of brokenness. She experienced a childhood of hurt and later witnessed her own children face the emotional pain she had once endured. However, God redeemed her family's story. In this episode, she provides fathers with tangible wisdom and practical solutions to walk in authority and partner with the Holy Spirit in parenting.


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Key Takeaways


  • Your children are your ministry team. 
  • There's no such thing as passive fathers; your behavior can be passive, but your influence is not. 
  • Model your earthly home after the Father's. 
  • Fear is a welcome mat, so don't fear the things you must take authority over. 
  • Teaching your children how to hear God's voice is essential. 


Lisa Max


Lisa Max is the director of Let the Children Fly, a ministry that empowers families around the globe to partner with the Holy Spirit in their parenting. Lisa and her four children love playing in the Kingdom and igniting fires in others to do the same.


Key Quotes


  • 36:06 - "We welcome what we fear. Fear is a welcome mat. So there can be no fear over [what is going on in our society] there has to be authority."
  • 47:08 - "I'm a firm believer that we need to be teaching our children how to go to God's voice in the time of peace before we go to His voice in the time of need."


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