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Mar 9, 2023

The key to self-control is to pick the right target and say “yes” with all your heart. It sets you on the path to being the best man you can be. And when you’re in control of yourself, you can prioritize connection with your kids over intimidation and control.


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Key Takeaways


  • Self-control isn’t saying “no” to all the bad things; it’s picking a target and saying “yes” with all your heart. 
  • When you’re a young man, you think a lot about the responsibility to your children and family, but as you age, you’ll think more about your responsibility towards your grandchildren’s success. 
  • Every family has a culture. Be intentional about how you design yours by setting standards for respect, responsibility, and connection.
  • If the most-used tool in your fatherhood toolbox is some form of intimidation or the threat of punishment, then you have created a culture in your home that does not resemble Heaven. 
  • Your Father is much more concerned about your heart connection to Him than he is about controlling you.


Danny Silk


Danny Silk is a speaker and author of nine books who draws on decades of experience as a counselor, social worker, husband, parent, grandparent, and more. He is the President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, a ministry to families and communities worldwide.


Key Quotes


  • 6:26 - "The power that is in self-control. I mean, when we nail that, when a man nails that, he basically has one job. You basically have one job, tell yourself what to do and do it. If you will just do what you tell yourself to do and then point yourself at a smart target, you are going to rock life."
  • 7:14 - "You have been given the mind of Christ. You have that ability. Self-control is not saying no to porn, no to alcohol, no to pot, no to lust, that's not self-control. Self-control is pick a target and say yes with all your heart. Just say yes with all your heart and you've automatically said no to the stupid stuff because you have lined yourself up with the genius stuff."


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