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Nov 24, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • The heart follows the habit.
  • Nothing, in the household, is normal, until it is.
  • Put conversation in simple places, like car rides, so we don't become people of absence.
  • Pause prayers before moments of discipline.




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Justin Earley


Justin Whitmel Earley is a lawyer, author and speaker from Richmond, VA. He is married to Lauren and has four sons – Whit, Asher, Coulter and Shep.

He graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English Literature before spending four years in Shanghai, China, as a missionary. Justin got his law degree from the Georgetown University Law Center and he now runs his own business law practice in Richmond, Virginia at Earley Legal Group.

His book, The Common Rule – Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction, was published with InterVarsity Press in 2019. He frequently speaks at businesses and legal events on habits, technology and mental health; and at churches and conferences on habits, spiritual formation and parenting. 

His second book, Habits of the Household – Practicing the Story of God in Everyday Family Rhythms, released with Zondervan in November of 2021.

Justin also writes fiction and poetry, and is working on a children's book. 


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of the Conversation Here)


  • 22:53 - "The idea of a pause prayers, before approaching a moment of discipline, have a short emphasis on short moment of prayer in your head, just to say, Lord, help me discipline this child like you discipline me, which is full of grace and truth, right? And it could just be Lord help, but some way of looking up to God before you look down at them so that you can be more like the God who parents you as you parent them."
  • 27:49 - "I want to step on that so much because the fact that you fight with your kids or your spouse is completely ordinary. That's what happens to everyone in every family, whether you reconcile with your spouse and your kids, it's completely unordinary, that's what barely ever happens. And that's why families often go the way they do, in dysfunction. So the question of a Christian household is not whether we fight, we all do, question of a Christian household is whether we reconcile to them the way God reconciles to us. You need habits for that."


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