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Oct 13, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • Envision your goals and continually learn.
  • Our children follow what they see: Model Well.
  • Relationship trumps everything.
  • Remain in a posture of on your knees.




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Gabe Klaas & Kevin Klaas


Kevin Klaas began his career in the financial services industry in 2002 as a personal wealth manager for an independent financial services firm. He then became a regional manager with a captive insurance agency with a national footprint. After experiencing the financial industry from both the financial adviser and insurance agent perspectives, David noticed a middle ground of opportunity with several sophisticated solutions that neither group specialized in nor understood. He set out to establish a firm that would work alongside both disciplines and complement each of them in providing solutions that neither of them could provide alone.


Gabe Klaas is the son of Kevin and Jennie Klaas, the oldest of 6 kids, and running fast after Jesus. He appreciates the lessons and how his parents have modeled following Jesus in their lives. He is currently interning at Jyra Films.


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of Conversation Here)


  • 5:11 - "I've told my parents this multiple times, but the biggest thing that I think I've seen in them that's a standout is they just continually learn. Like it really doesn't matter where you're at, if you can kind of get a vision for where you want to go and then just keep learning, you can get there."
  • 10:18 - "There's the practical things we do devotions a few times a week as a family and we get up and start off our day with prayer, worship and reading of the word. But then, then there's modeling it."


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