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Sep 8, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • Our kids have their own rescue stories and songs of gratitude.
  • Remember Him and never forgetting Him.
  • Loving our spouse and children, when they're hardest to love, allows them to experience love of Jesus.
  • When we walk in obedience, our kids benefit from our story.
  • Let your kids see your need for God and recognize when you need to ask for forgiveness.




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Tom Bell


Tom is President and CEO of Bell Lumber and Pole, a 5th generation, family-owned company. Bell Lumber and Pole started with the founder, M.J. Bell, more than 110 years ago. Since then, the Bell family has maintained its small-business values: commitment to excellence, drive for continuous improvement, and dedication to delivering customized wood products that exceed the expectations of their customers. Tom is passionate about the family unit and keeping Jesus at the forefront of life.


Key Quotes (Full transcript of Conversation Here)


  • 13:27 - "Being open to the hot mess that we are is, I think, he'd see that in that transparency, there's a safety around leaves them more inclined not to feel like they're alone when they'll have to look at their brokenness because they're going to be full of it, too."
  • 18:16 - "There's this rhythm of remembering Him, which is a big part of what this experience was with the kids, the rescue story, song of gratitude. And then, do not forget Him, because it guards us from being prideful, thinking it's us when it's not."


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