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Aug 11, 2022

Key Takeaways


  • Vision doesn't become reality on the mountaintops but rather in the valleys.
  • When God promises he follows through, just not always on our timeline.
  • When it's built by faith it moves from information to revelation.
  • When you love your spouse in front of your children they will trust and believe you.
  • The key to communication is identification.




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Ken Helser


Ken and Linda co-lead, A Place for the Heart, with their son and daughter-in-law, Jonathan and Melissa Helser.  Ken and Linda pour into the hearts of the students that come for the 18 Inch Journey.  They are the original Cageless Birds as the first to explore their relationship with God through art.  They continue to travel around the world ministering in Youth With A Mission Schools.  Ken never would have believed all the good things that awaited them when he gave God his everything.


The greatest fruit of Ken and Linda’s life is family.  Long ago, the Lord revealed to them that the foundation of their ministry began with family.   This is true today and as Ken and Linda do everything they do out of the overflow of their love for family.


Key Quotes (Full Transcript of the Conversation)


  • 3:34 - "God takes us to mountaintop to give us a vision, but nothing is ever made reality on a mountaintop, there's rock up there, nothing grows. It always takes us in the valley for the dream and the vision to become reality." - Oswald Chambers
  • 4:51 - "I shouldn't be talking about them... it's not pride, I'm just so grateful. And the Lord said, It's okay, I brag about my Son all the time, and the Father brags on Jesus. And when our children have followed the Lord and done what they were created to find, what they were made for... Ephesians 1:3...He called before the creation of the world, He saw us and called us to become holy and blameless. If God called you to that, then He also called you with a destiny. And it's tragic that most young people today, many, many people today work jobs they cannot stand and they've never been able to do that one thing they were created for."
  • 7:25 - 'So many times when God gives you the vision, it's gonna happen, it's in the future, it will take place, but He doesn't tell you when, because it's not so much that I had a vision, God has to shape me into the place of the vision. It's what He has to do in me. Because one of the greatest things is for God to be able to give you something without what He gives you having you."
  • 17:29 - "The key to communication is identification... The greatest communicator in all the world is Jesus Christ. But his communication was slow, on the money, because he spoke the language of the people. When he spoke to women, he talked about yeast and bread. When he spoke to farmers, it was different soil conditions and what kind of crop. And fisherman, pearl of great price in the nets. And so he spoke the language of the people. And I think one of the key things and communicated with my children is being able to speak to their world and bring them into my world."


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