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Feb 17, 2022

40 new experiences; things I've never done in my life... Instead of moving towards comfort and rhythms and things I've already done before, I am intentionally adding new things because I want to stay curious. I want to be a learner... I want to stay humble. I want to be in this growth mindset.




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Jeff Zaugg

Jeff and Michelle Zaugg will celebrate 16 years of marriage this coming July. They currently live in a 37 foot RV with their 4 young daughters. After 10-years of entrepreneurial non-profit ministry leadership, Jeff served as a pastor at Substance Church in the Twin Cities for the past 7 years. In Fall 2020 Jeff took the leap and went full-time fatherhood ministry. He is the founder and lead cheerleader at dadAWESOME & FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS. When he’s not wrestling or playing hide and seek with his daughters, you might find Jeff out for a bike ride, making a pour over coffee, sitting by a fire with his wife or challenging some friends to a game of Spikeball.


Show Notes:


  • :49 - if you missed the last two weeks episode 211 and 212 Seth Dahl
  • 1:36 - I turned 40 a few days ago and I've actually been off social media for the past 40 days... an anticipation season, trying to narrow my focus, spend time with my family, try to push away some distractions
  • 01:58 - Today as we drop this episode run day 98 of the dadAWESOME RV tour, we're in Orlando, Florida right now and so grateful we are still traveling...
  • 2:28 - "I think in general, as I get older and as most of us dads get a little older, it is easy to play it safe and to coast."
  • 3:01 - STORY about the RIP TIDE -- Byron Bay, Australia
  • 6:31 - "The reason I shared this Riptide story in Byron Bay, Australia, is, I think at the age of 40 at the age... at every single new season, new chapter we can. If we're not careful, we will end up being drawn and we will drift and be pulled in the direction of the world. In the direction of comfort, in the direction of of more is better. In the direction of this is just the direction we get pulled in the next phase. More busyness, more hustle. And I think intentionality requires us to fight against the pull that we're drawn towards."
  • 7:43 - I've decided to take on what I call THE INTENTIONAL FORTY. It's a challenge. The Intentional Forty -
  • 7:53 - "My girls right now this season of my life, they can notice they're old enough now to notice Where's dad's focus? Where where am I running after? What am I? What am I putting extra energy towards? And do they see me coasting and drifting and being drawn in the direction of every other dad? Or do they see a dad who with courage says, I'm going to chart a different course?"
  • 8:53 - "My girls, when they turn 40, are going to know that their dad put emphasis on these four areas, and the intentional 40 just gives a practical reason to get intentional in these four areas."
  • 9:04 - "So 10 of my 40 experiences are going to be with my wife, Michelle"
  • 9:36 - "Ten of these experiences are with my daughters."
  • 11:00 - "The next 10 are with friends, so I've friendships are so important. My girls, when they turn 40, are going to know their dad was intentional with friendships."
  • 11:32 - "the final 10 or with mentors. So I'm going to intentionally. Most of my mentors are kind of in the 50 to 80 years old  season of life, and I'm going to pursue them and ask them where you spent a couple of hours do this experience."
  • 12:06 - "I am going to do 40 new experiences, things I've never done in my life and as a 40 year old. Instead of going towards comfort and rhythms and things I've already done before, I am intentionally trying to do new things because I want to stay curious. I want to be a learner, I want to. I want to stay humble. I want to be in this growth mindset."
  • 12:41 - These are four building blocks. These are anchors to what I think are the most important things mentorship, friendship, marriage in my time with my girls. So so I'm doing this intentional 40 challenge.
  • 13:44 -
  • 14:25 -- 1 Peter 4:7-11 TPT "Since we are approaching the end of all things, be intentional, purposeful, and self-controlled so that you can be given to prayer. Above all, constantly echo God’s intense love for one another...."
  • 15:23 -- Proverbs 24:3-4 TPT "Wise people are builders — they build families, businesses, communities. And through intelligence and insight their enterprises are established and endure. Because of their skilled leadership, the hearts of people are filled with the treasures of wisdom and the pleasures of spiritual wealth."


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