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Jul 8, 2021



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Matthew Hooper


Matthew’s personal and professional pursuit of holistic growth are at the center of his life and work with others. He holds degrees in Communication from Biola University (1994) and Christian Ministry and Leadership from Talbot School of Theology (2001). Spiritual Development and Pastoral Counseling were the specialized emphases of his graduate work. Matthew also received a certificate in spiritual direction from the Archdiocesan Spirituality Center in Los Angeles. Currently, he is studying to complete a doctoral program in Higher Education Leadership at Azusa Pacific University.

Over the past 17 years, Matthew has cultivated his vocation toward influencing the holistic development of emerging adults, leaders and professionals. In 2016, Matthew launched a professional consulting business (TRACK 3 Leadership Development) integrating insight from leadership, psychological, and theological perspectives for the purpose of holistic growth in individuals and groups. Recently, Matthew has excelled as a primary group facilitator for Growth Skills Foundation.

He finds unique inspiration for his work in creation, music, spiritual friendship and the daily pursuit of humility as the highest virtue for human growth and spiritual flourishing. Matthew, his wife, Sheela, and their three children, Annie, Breeana and Jarren, live, work and play in Sutter Creek, CA.




MINNEAPOLIS, MN — August 28th, 2021

— DENVER, CO — September 18th, 2021

— PHILADELPHIA, PA — October 2nd, 2021

— NEW YORK, NY — October 16th, 2021

— PHOENIX, AZ — November 20th, 2021

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Show Notes:


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  • 1:07 - Check out episode 180 for the first half of the conversation with Matthew Hooper
  • 2:26 - Travel tips for living in a trailer
  • 4:12 - Everything is better as a team. Be a team in the routines of setting up and taking down.
  • 5:00 - Recommendation: Stay at least two nights at each site.
  • 5:28 - Expect that things will break down.
  • 7:35 - "I would say having very consistent patterns with safety in mind, with consistency and structure in mind for your family, because there's going to be plenty of unstructured reality."
  • 8:56 - Dad Wisdom #1: Own your role as dad. "No one can be a dad like you. No one. You're the dad in your family. So own it."
  • 9:17 - Dad Wisdom #2 - Decide what you want to do as a dad. How do you want things to be? 
  • 10:34 - Dad Wisdom #3 - Listen to your kids
  • 12:35 -  A Grace Disguised by Sittser
  • 13:36 - Listening to clues in the physical body to recognize grief
  • 14:31 - How he handled tragic loss
  • 17:18 - You need to pace your work with sadness, you need to move towards it with intentionality. Invite other people into that and then give yourself permission to take a break. 
  • 17:56 -  Article: Navigating sadness on the journey of life    "Facing the sadness, embracing the sadness, pacing sadness."
  • 18:35 -  "Please turn toward your heart, please. The more you're able to do that with you, the more you can do that with your wife and especially your kids. Your heart is the most important part of who you are, and that includes your deep feelings of thought willing and emotion coalescing in the heart. And so to be to be a man of heart, I think, is what I would what I would call dads to above all else."


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