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Jun 10, 2021



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Becky Thompson


Becky Thompson is a bestselling author and the creator of the Midnight Mom Devotional community, gathering over one million moms in nightly prayer. Speaking hope into the struggle of balancing life as a wife mother, and daughter of God, Becky has become the voice of modern Christian motherhood. You can learn more about Becky’s top Christian podcast, Revived Motherhood, or find more of her work by visiting Becky lives near Nashville with her husband, Jared, and their three children.


Dr. Mark R. Pitts


Dr. Mark R. Pitts is a graduate of the University of Tulsa Law School. He is an ordained pastor and a well-known Bible teacher in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, area where he lives with his wife, Susan. They have been married for 41 years and have two adult daughters and three grandchildren. In 2019, Mark created the Midnight Dad Devotional online community with his daughter, Becky Thompson, the creator of the Midnight Mom Devotional. Mark enjoys teaching Scripture and praying for dads.




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Show Notes:


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  • Monday, June 21st. Just write down DadAWESOME day
  • 02:25 - Midnight Dad Devotional One Hundred Devotions and Prayers to Connect Dads Just Like You to the Father.
  • 3:47 -  What if our kids inspire us to be dream chasers?
  • 3:55 - "I love that because to me, being a dream chaser is being a God chaser. You know, I don't think that we can ever separate the two."
  • 5:30 - Learning the Father's love from her dad.
  • 7:14 -  We don't just have a heavenly father that parents us. We have a heavenly father who fathers us.
  • 9:21 - "That's and that's also whole all scriptural that we are supposed to improve, if you will, improve our children, if they are supposed to be, we want them to be better than us. We don't just want them to have a better life, be more fortunate, be more prosperous. We want them to be better than us. We want them to take what we have to give them what God has breathed into them, into into us, and therefore we breathe into them and that they are going to take that and go much farther than we could have ever gone."
  • 10:42 - "Our prayer is that men will see themselves as God sees them. We've already talked about that as they are as the warriors they are, fighting in the trenches for their families against all odds, overcoming every trial that comes their way." Quote from Midnight Dad's devotional
  • 13:03 - "You, father, dad, are going where you're going. This is supposed to help you know, that you have a heavenly father who's going to get you there, who's going to help you accomplish that, where no other human can help you as well as your heavenly father can help you."
  • 15:16 - "So here's the thing about Noah is that he invited his sons to build with him, that it was a family build, that Noah got the download and it required the help of his whole family to create what would be for the whole family. And so I think as dads are listening and they're like, well, this is what God has called me to. It's not just for them. It's with them that there isn't anything that God calls a parent to, that he doesn't also call the children to participate in."
  • 16:45 - "It's the difference between that and fathering, which says I'm going to intentionally stay relational with you. I'm going to care not about what you did today, but how it made you feel. And then I'm going to invite you into my story of what God is doing in me. And the only way for a child to see the impact of what God is doing in the father is if he intentionally makes the decision to include his children in what he's going through and how he feels about it. And and I think that's what it means to build with it."
  • 22:14 -  "it was the promise of presence, which is I am certain that I will see and experience this goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, not just know about it, not just here about it, not someday."
  • 22:52 - You can never have more. It's the one thing you could never fully possess because there's always more to gain that the act of having more means that you have to always be reaching and going and trying. - Quoting her dad
  • You can never achieve more, you can never actually hold more. I want to tell him that this is going to be a lifetime journey. 
  • 26:57 - "I have made spectacular failures as a as a parent. I have never made a failure as a father because my heart is pure, my heart is true. And what I want for my children is what my heavenly father wants for me."


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