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Jan 7, 2021



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Peter Haas


Pastor Peter Haas came to know the Lord while working as an EDM rave DJ in a nightclub. Since that day, he has traveled the world, sharing his radical conversion story and calling others to experience the same joy and power. He and his wife, Carolyn, planted Substance Church in 2004 and they serve on the Lead Team of the ARC (the Association of Related Churches). He is passionate about music, film, and comedy. Peter and Carolyn live in the Twin Cities with their 3 children, Lijah, True, and Eden.


Conversation Notes:


  • Substance Church
  • 5:20 - Sharing about dropping his daughter off in a new state for college last year
  • 6:15 - "There are certain things you can't protect your kids from. You need to just watch them go through it."
  • 8:11 - " I like to think this way... parenting is a series of 2000 conversations and I say 2000, I'm making up that number, but it's actually not just 2000 conversations. It's 2000 conversations, demonstrations and impartations."
  • 9:56 - "And if you think about those 2000 conversations, impartations, demonstrations, what's weird about them is you can log a lot of those when they're young, but intellectually, the conversations, they all kind of happen in a very, very, very tiny window."
  • 10:40 - The "window of discipleship" is between 12 and 16.
  • 12:58 - You can't log all of the conversations, but what you can do is give them principles like Psalm 92: "Planted in the house of the Lord, you will flourish."
  • 18:56 - "You can't export what you haven't first imported."
  • 20:15 - Begin with the end in mind.
  • 21:14 - Choosing priorities and avoiding regrets by paying attention to the juggling metaphor
  • 23:57 - How being a part of church helps provide multiple mentors
  • 26:48 - Sacred family rituals
  • 28:20 - "Logging as many hours as we possibly can in that golden window is the definition of good parenting. And if they have to not be exposed to as many opportunities on purpose, and my kids don't regret it, it's not like my kids sit and think, well, I didn't get as many piano and dance lessons and as many sports opportunities. They never sit around and talk about that. They talk about how many hours we logged doing a common hobby together..."


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