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Dec 3, 2020



We’re on a mission to add LIFE to the dad life. We’re passionate about helping dads live fully alive as they lead their kids to God’s awesomeness.  | YouTube |  Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Jonathan Wiggins

Jonathan Wiggins is a Christ follower who loves his wife, his family and his community of friends. Jonathan speaks, writes and mentors leaders. He is the lead pastor of in Loveland, Colorado.


Conversation Notes:


  • 3:37 - Jonathan introduces his family
  • 6:26 - Learning the dreams of people you love... exploring them and fueling them
  • 8:25 - "he made so many of my dreams come true"
  • 9:25 - "I don't even know what your dreams are I don't know what the kids dreams are and so we spent the next few days unpacking the dreams of our kids of my wife or myself we wrote them down"
  • 9:45 - Renting an RV and putting 30,000 miles on it chasing dreams
  • 11:45 - Father's Day Facebook Post
  • 13:04 - Bible story of Rachel and Lea >> "The eyes of the Father are always turned toward those who hurt"
  • 15:35 - Don Boyett > "From you I learned that the eyes of the Father are always turned toward those who hurt. I learned that punishment is only useful to minimize exposure to greater harm. I learned that relationship, acceptance and love is what it takes to make a man. Thank you."
  • 15:45 - Jeff > "I have found that deep pain unhealed and un-surrendered to God without the Lord's power can really mess people up and cause such pain to their future kids and their future spouse and their like pain can really ripple down through generations we see it in the bible all over the place but sure deep pain that is transformed and healed and and submitted to a loving heavenly father that deep pain can lead to deep passion"
  • 16:20 - Bone brake analogy - forgiveness
  • 17:30 - "I  remember just praying, God I don't know how to do this and I felt like God spoke to me and just said,
    imitate Me as I imitate christ... and I felt like God said who's the best father you know and I was like Don Boyett... i mean he's the best father I know and I felt like God said, just imitate him follow his example and in following the example of a
    great father I've become a good father"
  • 18:30 - darkness
  • 20:30 - "If light rescued me as a son, maybe light can rescue my son"
  • 20:40 - "Whatever I say or do, my kids are allowed to tell anybody at any time"
  • 21:25 - "You're only as sick as your secrets"
  • Galatians 6:1
  • 23:20 - getting along or with trusted friends in the wilderness
  • 23:50 - Restoration Project - wilderness retreats
  • 25:00 - Story of letting his son take the lead... healing through letting his son guide the play
  • 27:05 - "It's not enough just to spend time with your kids or to pack them full of your dreams for them... it is such a kindness and it adds so much dignity to your kids to dig out what's on the inside of them to really discover what God's put in there because we do leave an imprint on our kids in their sense of self but God has first dibs on that and if we can help them discover what God's put there i think that's the best kindness we could show as dads"
  • 29:00 - Dad Fail
  • 30:05 - Inviting your kids to talk to you about anything
  • 30:20 - Maximizing Connection
  • 30:45 - Story of his son calling Jonathan out for making comparisons - "You are giving to me what that guys dad gave to him"
  • 33:00 - Forgiveness - "I just want to be the opposite of my father"
  • 33:40 - "Forgiveness frees us up to be the men we are called to be and not just a reaction to the pain and woulds and rejection in the past"
  • 34:53 - Practical Advice = Make Time
  • 35:19 - Christmas Letters - draw names and write a letter to the person whose name you draw - what you see in them. Words of affirmation.
  • 36:20 - "I think a lot of times us dads we leave things unsaid and so if there are things like that it doesn't have to be Christmas letters it doesn't have to be anything in particular but if there's a way for you to just say you know what i'm going to intentionally say what needs to be said your words are so powerful in your kids lives so open up your mouth and spend some of those words that we sometimes are stingy with in the day speak to your kids speak into the life of your kids"
  • 37:17 - Jonathan's Prayer

NOTE: New Book from Pastor Jonathan releases in January

"In at least one way, we’re not that different: Every person on the planet longs to be fully known and deeply loved—both, not one or the other. To be known but not loved makes us feel terribly exposed; to be loved but not known is superficial and unfulfilling. In this book, Jonathan Wiggins explains the heart of God for rich, strong, healing relationships. He teaches from a compelling biblical perspective, and each chapter is full of illustrative stories and practical suggestions. And Jonathan writes from experience. He has developed this kind of relationship on his staff team. They call themselves “lions” because they’ve found the courage to be honest and supportive as they work together to do great things for God’s kingdom.

The concepts in this book apply to staff teams, small groups, families, and friends. If you believe life change happens in relationships, this book is for you."

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