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Jan 19, 2020

Edrin Williams

Edrin Williams joins dadAWESOME for our 3rd segment of our "Best Of" winter throwback series. This episode was originally recorded on Valentines Day of 2019. This conversation challenges us to enjoy the journey and love our kids from a place of being loved by our Heavenly Father. Edrin is the Senior Pastor at The Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis and with his wife Shanequa they have two beautiful girls, Taylor 9 & Harper 3.

Conversation Notes

  • Give the the gift of your presence to your family
  • Step in and enjoy the journey of being a dad
  • Your kids trust you and need you to be a big safe adult who loves them
  • Friday night family night. The power of protecting these moments.
  • We must receive love from our Heavenly Father
  • Remember you’re a beloved son of God
  • Invite mentors to speak into your fathering
  • Let your kids enjoy the process (stop over managing and pushing them)
  • Celebrate your wife (cheer her along)
  • Intergenerational Relationships (look ahead, your peers and younger dads)
  • Pursuing mentors and Godly friends to learn and grow in your dad role.
  • If you want to make a difference in this world, one place you can change the world is being present and making a difference in your kids.
  • Asking intentional questions to help our kids think through their choices.
  • It’s our job as fathers to care for the souls of our children
  • Let your wife know that supporting your family and your kids is a top priority
  • Dads! Your role is more significant than you realize.