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Dec 9, 2021



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Simon Osamoh


Simon Osamoh is a British American, raised in Reading, England. When he emigrated to the States in 2011, he took charge as
Head of Counter Terrorism at Mall of America in Minnesota... Born to a Nigerian father and British mother, his parents separated before he was born. Growing up mixed race in white neighborhoods, and without a father he battled validation and his own identity for many years. 

Simon now coaches young men to never give up, and that adversity can become your greatest gift. He is a nationally known speaker, entrepreneur, author, mindset and podcast coach, and the Host of the Who I Became Podcast where he interviews impactful individuals who share their life stories.


Show Notes:


  • 4:36 - "I've never met the man that brought into my world. I'm a color of skin for someone I've never met and it just has a lot of questions and challenges. But I've had in my life, but I have never considered myself to be a victim. I sort of move past adversities and sure to come out through part of my my story today."
  • 7:33 - "what I knew I wanted to do when I became a husband and a father is I wanted to try and give my sons what I was missing. But that hasn't come without challenges..."
  • 16:38 - "my son knows because he can always hear me. What he remembers about his games is that my dad was the loudest. My dad was shouting, and it's intentional. The reason why I do that, I scream over every other father there because I want Mason to remember when he's 21, 25, 40, 70, whatever it is, and I'm no longer there. His memory would be, You know what? My dad was the loudest... My dad was the loudest person at my game, and that's the memory, because that's what I never had."
  • 17:55 - "I might not always communicated it because I'm human and I make mistakes. But please never underestimate the significance that you have to me "
  • 20:14 - "I believe in you. And I always knew that if you could walk in the light, but you could achieve greatness"
  • 20:25 - "I started to say to myself, If not me, then who"
  • 21:21 - "I asked myself, if not me, then who? If I'm not going to be that role model for a stranger, then who is, you know, I'm feeling called to make sure people know the best someone they're rooting for them might not always be to give you the answer, but you want to hear. But if not me, then who? And I believe we can all start a lot more in our own lives."
  • 23:41 - "I was seeking validation from a father that never came."
  • 26:36 - "Let's focus on what I can control. I can't control the past, but I can control the future. And there's going to be a time when my sons, as they do now at eight and 11, they're going to ask me questions about my dad and I need to give them some, some answers."
  • 29:57 - "what I try and say to my sons and I would encourage your listeners is to just keep driving forward. Sometimes we set really large goals, but I don't. I just move, you know, one percent. How can I get one percent better each time? And that's what I say to my sons son's."


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