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Dec 15, 2019

Thanking The Team:

1. My wife, Michelle – 1000 hours of support. She is momAWESOME
2. My inner circle of friends – Drew, Paul, Mario & Jay
3. Substance Church - Specifically the support from Pastor Peter Haas & Pastor Nate Puccini
4. Wade Branch - audio mixing/mastering
5. Brent Haglund – Podcast Music // Pin Drop Remix
6. Joshua Davis – website (Smart Web Ninja)
7. Artem Anderson – graphics and logo
8. Jake Hanson - writing show notes
9. Tyler Van Eps - writing show notes
10. FATHERS FOR THE FATHERLESS Team - Core leaders Tyler Sevlie and Andy Rosenau along with our partner ministry VENTURE

We Want Your Feedback:

Please take 5-minutes to complete the 100 Week Feedback Survey (making the next 100 weeks more awesome that the first 100 weeks)

About Jeff Zaugg:

Jeff and his wife Michelle have been married for almost 14 years and they have three amazing daughters (6, 3 and 1). Jeff is the KIDS Pastor at Substance Church and lives in the Twin Cities. Jeff started the dadAWESOME podcast 100 weeks ago.

Episode 100 Live Recording Notes:

THANK YOU to Chick-Fil-A Northtown for supporting the Episode 100 live recording party.

  • 9:25 - How do you stay intentional about connecting with your kids? Do you have any resources that have helped you be an intentional dad?
  • 10:55 - Episode 1 of dadAWESOME = We Trust God
  • 13:52 - "Am I adding LIFE to my family or taking away LIFE? Does this ambition, commitment, pursuit, hobby, etc. bring LIFE to my family?"
  • 14:14 - "After 100 weeks of dadAWESOME, I'm at a place where I love being a dad more now than I did 100 weeks ago"
  • 15:32 - "The dadAWESOME journey has been an invitation to dads to double down on the dad-life... double the prayer, double the time, double the love, double the intentionality, double the humility, double the focus."
  • 16:03 - Crashing kitchen cabinet story
  • 20:26 - "As dads, we are building launch ramps for our kids. We make choices every day to build intentionally with our words, our time, our resources, our prayers, our energy, our marriage. We are choosing to build launch ramps and that's what intentional dads do. They build launch ramps that shoot their kids further and faster than they could go by themselves. We take what could be average or lame and we make it epic. That's what we do. That is dadAWESOME."
  • 21:33 - My dad built a launch ramp for me. He tripled the height of my sledding hill by building into our family.
  • 22:32 - Apologizing to our kids and reconnecting with their hearts
  • 22:46 - Focus on building our families, instead of minimizing the damage to our family.
  • 23:30 - "We get to choose LIFE or DEATH... We get to offer our kids the painful path through a kitchen floor filled with broken glass or the thrilling ride down a launch ramp."
  • 23:40 - "We can fuel their purpose and launch them into their passions, or we can add pain and heartache because of our selfishness and passivity."
  • 23:50 - Deuteronomy 30:19 “…I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, blessings and curses. Now choose LIFE, so that you and your children may LIVE."
  • 26:12 - "Many of us have been living the Dad-Life without the LIFE"
  • 29:55 - God is bigger than your secrets
  • 30:26 - Our Heavenly Father wants to heal our hurts, fill us with His love and turn us loose to build Launch Ramps.

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