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Oct 7, 2018

Paul Hurckman is our first-ever repeat guest on the dadAWESOME Podcast. If you missed his first time joining us, please click here to listen to Episode 15. Paul and his wife, Candace, have 4 children (2 bigs and 2 littles) and they live in Minneapolis where they love to bike, run and host popsicle extravaganza gatherings for their neighborhood. Paul is the Executive Director at Venture Expeditions.

In This Episode:
-- Shifting mentality to being an ALL-on-DAD
-- What messages do you want regularly communicate to your kids?
-- Our truest version of our dreams are birthed in God’s design
-- Harold and the Purple Crayon - Drawing a better picture for our family and the Kingdom
-- Raising kids that will cross the street for the sake of the Gospel
-- Becoming less comfortable for the sake of other people
-- Shalom - being in right relationship with your maker, with each other, and with creation

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-- The Bible Project
-- Book: Wonder
-- Book: Big Hair, Don't Care:

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