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Oct 28, 2018

We're on our second week (here's the link for week 1) of looking back over the past 40 weeks of dadAWESOME. We'll once again highlight six short clips from the fathers that we interviewed. These are the 12 takeaways for this second round of Forty Weeks Of AWESOMENESS:

  1. Challenging Our Kids To Do Hard Things (025 Patei Iyegha)
  2. Loving People Through Action as a Family (025 Patei Iyegha)
  3. In Life People Are Leaders and Followers… Becoming A Leader Gives You a Greater Place of Influence (023 Tim Burt)
  4. I’m Not Going to be a Dad That Raises my Kids Between the Commercials (023 Tim Burt)
  5. We Are Called to be Faithful, Not Successful (focus on character, not outward appearance) (030 Dave Adamson)
  6. Unplug from Technology and Connect as a Family (030 Dave Adamson)
  7. When you’re Faithful, it Trickles Down to Your Grandkids and You Grandkids Grandkids (024 Shane Long)
  8. Tell You Kids Stories that Inspire Courage, Strength and Faith In God (You have Something Better than a 300 foot Robot… you have a Heavenly Father who Created you and Loves You) (024 Shane Long)
  9. You’re Safe with Me. You’re Loved no Matter What. You’re Called and Capable. You’re Responsible. (028 Jim Jackson)
  10. My Surrender & The Peace of God that Transcends Understanding are Very Closely Connected (028 Jim Jackson)
  11. Honoring is Not for Your Dad, It’s For You. You Reap What You Sow. (022 Peter Haas)
  12. Seeing our Kids Become Fully Alive to the Call of God on their Life. (022 Peter Haas)