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Aug 4, 2019


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To finish out this summer's Fruit of the Spirit 9-part series, we have Tim Bohlke joining us to discuss the theme of Self-Control. Tim is a husband, a father, a grandfather, a disrupter, and dreamer. He has spent three decades investing in leaders and helping forge a new path that will serve leaders, their families, and their organizations well. As the executive director of a large youth ministry, a pastor, teacher, coach, counselor, and founder of Harbor, Tim has continued to pursue SPACE and seek Thin Places where he can be refreshed and restored.


Conversation Notes:

  • 2:15 - Jeff’s introduction of Tim
  • 2:40 - Seven city blitz tour for Harbor Ministries
  • 3:24 - Tim introducing his family and ministry
  • 4:00 - Harbor Ministries overview
  • 5:00 - Overview of the RHYTHMinTWENTY and Rogue groups
  • 7:46 - Tim shares his passion for fatherhood
  • 8:20 - “My dad had the ability to invest in significant ways and significant times. He was present”
  • 8:45 - “How can I create key moments with my kids? Create milestones and ceremonies to celebrate the transitions”
  • 9:30 - Specifics around key conversations with his kids
  • 10:30 - the power of combining intentional conversations with fun memory making trips
  • 11:25 - Creating significant memories takes investing resources and time and intentionality
  • 11:40 - Asking multiple people in his kids life to write specific words for his kids at the age of 18
  • 13:20 - Book “Thin Places
  • 14:05 - “A thin place is a time when Heaven and Earth collide and just for a moment we see God for who He really is and we see life for what it was meant to be”
  • 14:45 - Slow down and embrace moments
  • 15:40 - Story of Tim’s trip to Iceland and searching for a specific cliff (Video of the Cliff featured by Sigur Ros)
  • 18:40 - What does being a cliff chaser look like?
  • 18:55 - “God loves risk takers. Men who are willing to step out and do things differently and think differently. Maybe step out of the box. And that sometimes takes a different level of intentionality and resource. It takes stepping off of the treadmill and adjusting the speed of what we are doing and how we are living life. The oppressive work… If we are inviting our kids into Thin Places, we need to invite them into quieting down and listening and slowing down enough in their own lives and turning off the phones long enough and turning off the noise. But first we have to be willing to do that ourselves."
  • 20:10 - We are designed to be on the open waves, but we need to slow down and come into harbor
  • 21:04 - Theme of Self-Control
  • 21:15 - "It's key that we understand this idea of harbor as dads. The idea of bringing people in. Because if we're living constantly in open water, and on mission. If work becomes too much in the context of our lives, we can't survive out there just like a ship. If you don't come into harbor ever, you're worthless. You're dead in the water. Whatever your mission is no matter how important it is. It isn't going to happen. And if we're not modeling this at some level to our kids, they're just going to carry on with what they've seen. We must model for them how to come in and create sabbath and rest and turn off the noise"
  • 21:40 - Modeling rest and sabbath and shutting off the noise for our kids
  • 22:10 - Inviting men to find space… find quiet time to shut off the noise and be still.
  • 23:00 - Self-control… every other Fruit of the Spirit require Self Control
  • 24:00 - Creating the discipline of quiet and rest helps us be prepared and not operate in reactive mode
  • 24:35 - James 1:19 "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry”
  • 26:00 - Practical guide to taking time for space, silence and listening to God = Look back and look forward
  • 29:06 - “I was starting to take people to a place in their spiritual journey that I was not going myself”
  • 30:10 - Luke 9:33 - deny ourselves and take up our cross and follow him
  • 30:50 - specific challenge: Take 2-hours and slow down and listen for God’s voice
  • 31:30 - John 10:10
  • 32:00 - Jeff thanks Tim and encourages the dads to explore Harbor Ministries
  • 32:52 - Tim’s last word = take the TWO HOUR CHALLENGE
  • 33:25 - Tim’s prayer over every listener


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Quotes from Thin Places Book:

  • “One of my hopes was to wake up leaders who were coasting, who were settling, or backing away from dangerous pursuits. When the faith of a leader loses its edge, when we doze off and get bored, or forget what it was like to take risks and pursue this mysterious God and all He has for us, everyone loses. We lose. Our families lose, and those we lead lose.”
  • “Often it’s not the struggles or the hard times that derail leaders, but times of extended prosperity, success, coasting and safety that can take us out spiritually"
  • “Sometimes faith is just hanging on. But if we continue to pursue a relationship with Jesus through our lives, just maybe we can do more than hang on. Maybe we can do more than survive during the hardest of times. Maybe we can actually thrive during those times.”
  • “The farther we separate ourselves from our powerful encounters with God, the more the memories of his tangible presence fade, the more likely we are to settle and to coast to the finish line”
  • “We were designed for the reckless, heart pounding pursuit of the Edge of the Wild, not a boring routine of dos and don’ts”
  • “I want to fight for, cheer lead, and encourage my wife and my kids to chase their dreams…”
  • “Is there a step you need to take to light a fire and engage yourself and others in a more passionate pursuit of this wild mysterious God?”