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Jul 14, 2019

This is the sixth part of our summer Fruit of the Spirit series and our guest Tyler Reagin explores the topic of GOODNESS... Tyler was the President of Catalyst, a leadership development organization that exists to unify and equip leaders who love the Church through resources and experiential events. He remains the Brand Ambassador and also runs his own leadership company called The Life Giving CO. (

Conversation Notes:

  • 4:50 - Becoming a student of leadership. "We are all called to lead. We're all called to steward our influence well"
  • 3:37 - "Help find the uniqueness, that God-given Psalm 139 uniqueness in your kids and start encouraging that out... calling that out"
  • 5:55 - Color Chart personality profile tool
  • 7:40 - Diving into Emotional Intelligence
  • 7:55 - The difference between self-awareness and self-regulation
  •  8:30 - Apologies do not take away consequences
  •  9:30 - Creating layers to our kids' foundations so that they are prepared and not crushed by the storms of life
  • 9:45 - “Leadership isn't easy. It's difficult because it matters. It changes people. It's valuable. And things of value require sacrifice.”
  • 10:50 - Story about their family moving and the difficult transition for Tyler's kids
  • 11:30 - When employees or people we lead or our kids are having a difficult time, ask yourself what you have done to lead them to their current behavior
  • 13:35 - When it comes to chores, do what you can to MAKE IT FUN and then watch the results.
  • 14:19 - Calling out adventure in our lives and feeling fullness
  • 15:08 - "This life is full of adventure. This God we serve is full of adventure. How do we show attributes of God through our day to day life? A lot of that for me is showing a God who is fun and plays with us and is full of adventure..."
  • 16:03 - The power of their weekly rhythm of going to church as a family together every Sunday.
  • 16:35 - Be on the lookout for unique opportunities to steal away and create moments as a family
  • 17:30 - Process big life decisions and career decisions with your kids so they can see how you seek God for wisdom and direction
  • 19:00 - John 10:10 - the paradox of Good vs. Strife & Struggle
  • 20:01 - Great leaders give life to people. An outflowing and an overflowing of life.
  • 22:50 - Conversation about legacy. Fighting to give life and care to his boys.
  • 25:40 - Calm is contagious
  • 26:20 - Presenting attractive qualities for his boys (like the Fruit of the Spirit) that they want to emulate when they grow up
  • 27:25 - Leading from your truest self... Be ok with yourself. Don't copy others.
  • 28:30 - it's ok to have flaws. Keep working on your role as dad and don't be afraid to talk about it.
  • 28:50 - "One thing I'm really proud to be is Carrie's husband and their dad... And I'm going to fight for those things"
  • 29:50 - Conversation about the Fruit of the Spirit
  • 30:30 - "When I think of GOODNESS, I think of a depth of love displayed in action"
  • 30:55 - "When I think of my Heavenly Father, I think of someone who wants good things for me"
  • 31:50 - Goodness is a posture. It's a heart condition. It's coming from a place of abundance.
  • Psalm 139:14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."
  •  32:55 - Connecting God's goodness in creation for our kids to understand. Watch them come alive.
  • 35:15 - Advice for himself back 8 years ago.
  • 36:30 - Tyler's dad loved him unconditionally. His dad said "I love you and you matter."


Book: Life-Giving Leader