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Apr 21, 2019

Jeremy Pryor is a business owner, creative entrepreneur, author, podcaster and a builder of multiple movements with family at the core. We're incredibly thankful for this conversation with Jeremy about his time in Jerusalem, welcoming his children into creative roles in his company and the long term iterating of their family sabbath. This is part 3 of our Creativity Month.

Resources from Jeremy Pryor:

Conversation Highlights with Jeremy Pryor:

  • Meeting his wife in Jerusalem (7:55)
  • Jewish dads and the intentionality of men with children ((9:30)
  • The life of Abraham and his role as a father (9:45)
  • Asking a dangerous question- is there a connection with Abraham and how he saw family? (10:40)
  • The Bible exclusively sees family through a fatherhood and family lens
  • Abraham saw family as a multigenerational team on mission (11:30)
  • Fatherhood insights from Jerusalem - Encounter, consider it, be influenced, adopt these principles (12:00)
  • Story about Jeremy’s daughter joining him on mission with his podcast (13:20)
  • It’s ok to sweep your kids into your own quirky obsessions (14:20) >> Strategically propagandizing his kids
  • Superhero movies and the explosion of interest with the mythical (15:40)
  • They read the same 5 passages of scripture each week as a family (16:50)
  • Book Life together by Bonhoeffer
  • Deuteronomy 6
  • Bible Midrash (17:30)
  • Friday night epic meal to kick off the sabbath (18:00)
  • Friday feast - Iterating on their sabbath for 15 years (18:20)
  • It’s a skill to learn how to honor God with the sabbath (19:45)
  • Entering Rest
  • Cleaning up as a team. Make it a dance party (20:15)
  • Sabbath - if your kids don't see the sabbath day as their favorite day of the week, then you're doing it wrong" (22:00)
  • The sabbath is the Zenith of the week. Make it fun and make it meaningful and give yourself lot's of grace. The goal is for the sabbath to be life giving
  • Goal - for his kids to all want to honor the sabbath when they are grown
  • A mentor told Jeremy that he wasn't connecting with his sons heart (25:00)
  • My bar was not at the right place with regards to what it meant to really have your kids heart at every stage (26:50)
  • Are you partnering really well with your wife in this current season?  (28:50)
  • Don't be passive. Be a leader. Be a directive leader. (29:00)
  • Be a strong central presence in the home in the stage of young kids. (30:00)
  • Be a culture setter in the home (30:20)
  • Creativity is within the mandate of Genesis 1 (30:45)
  • God had a creative challenge and he set loose the family (31:30)
  • There in nothing more central to the mandate of the family than being creative (32:20)
  • Thinking about family as an investment with a much longer time horizon (34:00)
  • We are not the center of our story. We're part of a much bigger multigenerational story (34:45)
  • When dads start thinking multigenerational (35:20)