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Jan 13, 2019

Kevin Klaas joins dadAWESOME for part 2 of Father Family Rhythms. This vulnerable conversation explores trusting God, supporting his wife through a miscarriage and small steps towards new impactful family rhythms.

  • Asking questions instead of lecturing
  • Trusting God for more children
  • Responding in love instead of anger
  • Seeing children as a gift from God
  • 30-mins per day cuddling with a child after dinner
  • Children spell love; "TIME"
  • Family Bible time = read one Proverb per day
  • Begin new rhythms with small consistent steps
  • The power of monthly Sabbatical days to hear God's voice
  • Growing traction and growing an appetite for desired rhythms
  • Deuteronomy 6 and Deuteronomy 11
  • If you ever walk through the loss of a miscarriage, find brothers to help you know how to support your wife

More about Kevin's business Monarch Solutions


We're celebrating the @dadawesome podcast ONE YEAR birthday (episode 52). We’re inviting all dads to celebrate by doing the #dadawesomechallenge which is simply this: dads + kids + confetti = a fun memorable moment >> please include @dadawesome and #dadawesomechallenge in your post and tag 2 or 3 other dads to pass along the challenge to others... thanks a ton 

Pro Tip = clean up your own confetti... don’t make momAWESOME clean up the mess 😆

Local Listeners >> Sledding Party (January 19th)

After 52 weeks of resourcing Christian dads with a weekly podcast, we’ve decided to celebrate the ONE YEAR anniversary of dadAWESOME by returning to the recording location of episode #1. The very first episode was recoded at the base of the sledding hill at Freedom Park in New Brighton.

Here’s The Game Plan:
– Dads, kids and moms and friends are all invited
– BYOS… bring your own sleds
– Family sledding from 10am-11am
– Confetti throwing group photo at 11am at the base of the hill
– Hot cocoa and coffee will be provided around 11am

RSVP here: Facebook Event