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Nov 2, 2023

Five years ago, Carlos Whittaker joined us on the DadAwesome podcast. A lot has changed since then. With a new perspective of launching his children into the world, Carlos is here to ask the hard-hitting questions. He’ll inspire you to become a father who knows how to be, see, and free. 


Key Takeaways


  • No app can replace the love and connection you provide your child. 
  • What are you using to medicate some of the inadequacies you feel in your parenting? 
  • Lower the volume of life and be present. 
  • See past the problems and behaviors to parent your child.
  • You are set apart as a father to breathe life into your kids. 


Carlos Whittaker


Carlos Whittaker spreads hope and encouragement through his roles as an author, podcaster, and global speaker. He and his wife Heather live in Nashville, Tennessee, with their three young adult children.


Key Quotes


  • 14:03 - "Men were just addicted to, dads were just addicted to their work, before that, they were addicted to whatever it may have been. So, what is the medicator? The medicator that you're using to medicate some inadequacies that you feel in your parenting, break those things and be more present. What does it look like to lower the volume of life, slow the pace of life down?"
  • 16:54 - "What are ways that you as a father are set apart and separated from the rest of all of humanity? All of the other individuals that are speaking into [your] lives, you as a father, you as a dad, you are set apart in a way that nobody else is. Just a look from their father, looking them in the eyes and saying, I love you and I'm proud of you. Just that is going to free your kids in ways that you probably can't even imagine."


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