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Sep 28, 2023

Alex Burton once asked his trusted friends a vulnerable question: “What do you see in my life that I’m not seeing?” Their honest responses shifted his outlook on his marriage and parenting. Now, he’s here to share the valuable lessons that helped him experience more joy and grow closer to God and his family. 


Key Takeaways


  • God is always listening. 
  • Be generous with joy bombs. 
  • “What do you see in my life that I’m not seeing?”
  • Delight in what your children delight in.


Alex Burton


Alex Burton is an outdoors enthusiast and father of three. He and his wife, Mel, have been married for 26 years. Alex is part of the staff team at Wild At Heart.


Key Quotes


  • 9:19 - “We talk about initiation a lot with our sons, but the same is true for our daughters. For her to experience something at a soul level rather than just the cognitive level is pretty special.”
  • 38:46 - “The idea of, delight in what they delight in, because delight's a whole lot different than being pleased because they succeeded. It's what God does for us. He delights in us and He delights in the things that bring us joy. He delights in the things that we love. That's the picture of a Father that's pursuing His kids and not putting pressure on them.”


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