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Aug 24, 2023

In the second part of this campfire conversation, Jeff, Joe, Tyler, and Dago discuss fatherhood models, top resource recommendations, and advice for rookie dads. They conclude with powerful intercessory prayer for other fathers in the DadAwesome community. 


Key Takeaways


  • Learn how to learn from the wisdom of others. 
  • Pray generational blessings over your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond. 
  • Working on yourself and your marriage will make you a better dad.  
  • Your greatest joys will come from your most challenging responsibilities.
  • Plus, top fatherhood resources, books, and apps.


Tyler Van Eps, D. Darezzo, & Joe Ostrem


Tyler Van Eps and his wife have four children and describe themselves as a quintessential Minnesota family. Originally from Brazil, D. Darezzo and his wife have two sons and enjoy being active as a family. Joe Ostrem and his wife met as kids and are now parents to four daughters. 


Key Quotes


  • 8:45 - “Parenting all girls, and my girls are interested in things that on my own I would not be interested in, but because they're interested in it, I'm interested in it.”
  • 9:42 - “Working on yourself and your marriage will make you a better dad.”
  • 26:31 - “Your greatest joys are ultimately going to become your heaviest responsibilities or the responsibilities that seem like the biggest challenges in your life… Celebrate responsibility, knowing that it's refining your character, knowing that it's strengthening you as much as it may feel like it steals from you in a season, steals capacity or steals energy, it just returns to you in so many more ways than it takes from you."


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