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Aug 17, 2023

In this conversation, four fathers sit around a campfire to discuss all things fatherhood. You’ll be inspired and equipped to live out your family values, lead by example, and engage in significant spiritual conversations within your brotherhood. 


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Key Takeaways


  • Identify your family values, define them, and create “I will” statements based on your definitions. 
  • You can know you are succeeding as a father when your kids ask questions about how you live out your faith. 
  • Take note of the stories that demonstrate your child growing closer to Jesus. 
  • Based on the example of Gideon, what beliefs do you need to tear down and rebuild in a way that pleases the Lord? 
  • When did you last have a vulnerable spiritual conversation with your brotherhood?


Tyler Van Eps, D. Darezzo, and Joe Ostrem


Tyler Van Eps and his wife have four children and describe themselves as a quintessential Minnesota family.

Originally from Brazil, D. Darezzo and his wife have two sons and enjoy being active as a family.

Joe Ostrem and his wife met as kids and are now parents to four daughters. 


Key Quotes


  • 18:35 - "We want to take some time to re-articulate our family values. Shelly and I have gone through processes where we we identify our values, we define them in our own words, and then we really look at what behaviors support those. And we frame them as I will or I will not statements."
  • 21:06 - "I know that I'm winning or I know that I'm being successful when my kids are asking me questions out of curiosity about different things I'm doing with my faith. When they're asking me questions about the way that I'm living out my faith, I know that's a part of being successful."
  • 29:29 - "As men, we believe we don't need [male] friendship. We believe we're too tough for that. Or we don't need to go deeper. We don't need to be vulnerable. We don't need to be authentic. We don't need to share struggles because that will make us less of a man. It wasn't until a few years ago that I started getting more into this community and having the consistency of connecting, the consistency of sharing and listening and getting deeper and intentional and that started transforming my life. My parenting, my marriage, you name it. My physical health, mental health, everything."


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