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Aug 3, 2023

As a father of seven, Moses Ehambe’s passion and energy is remarkable. His message will inspire and equip you to elevate every area of your life by pursuing excellence and finding a brotherhood that will support you. 


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Key Takeaways


  • You need an Aaron and a Hur to hold up your hands on your fatherhood journey. 
  • Visualize yourself giving your problems to God. 
  • Don’t sit on the bench when you get home from work. 
  • You can’t be perfect, but when you strive for perfection, you land on excellence. 


Moses Ehambe


Moses Ehambe is an experienced professional basketball player, coach, former NBA apprentice, and personal development coach known for his energy, authenticity, and leadership skills. He and his wife, Sarah, have seven children and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


Key Quotes


  • 17:29 - "A fantastic way to exercise that is visualization. You as a man think it, so is he. Whatever you think you'll be, whatever you speak, you become. So if you think, lay it at His feet and you actually visualize you in front of His throne with all your problems, you put it in a bag and you just throw it at His feet. Like, good bye and just walk away. I think that does something powerful to you and alleviates any weight from you.
  • 28:31 - "As fathers, as providers at home, we put so much emphasis on I'm the provider, I got to go out, I got to do what I got to do, so I can provide for my family with the money. And, nah, it's twofold, bro. You got to provide financially, but you also got to provide emotionally as well. The only way you could provide emotionally is if you take those two shifts. And those two shifts are you're going out to work, but you're also coming into work."
  • 31:11 - "Knowing that we still strive for perfection, our job is to be more and more like Jesus and He was perfect. We will never, ever become perfect, but guess what happens when you strive for perfection? You land on excellence. Being able to land on excellence as a father, as a husband, as a professional. Dad, there's no better feeling."


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